25th Apr 2014

What will the legacy be?

There is much talk of the Olympic and Paraympic legacy but what will that be for disabled people world wide? Will the momentum be maintained or will it extinguish like a flame? Tell us your views by emailing us at justandwhitehill@yahoo.com

Put 'Paralympic Legacy' in your subject line. We will publish some of the comments on this site.

Paralympic Games

Probably the key event worldwide where disabled people are at the forefront of the news. We expect there to be positive images of disabled people beamed around the world. If you want to write a Paralypics news story, read the features column on the right.

Closures, cuts and more cuts

It can hardly have escaped your notice that cuts to social care are beginning to take their toll? Personalisation and Personal Budgets were not as a result of cuts but have certainly been affected. The utopia of Choice and Control, with disabled people being able to live a life free of the restrictions they may have faced in the past through 'traditional' services, does not seem to be the experience for many today. Disabled people are telling us that they are facing cuts to their established, and needed, personal care support, with the chance for engaging in a fuller social life, with maximum independence seeming a long distant wish. We'd be interested to know your experiences, whether your Remploy factory is now closing or your Personal Budget is now very limited. Email us at justandwhitehill@yahoo.com and we will publish some of your news.


The seasons provide great inspiration for creative writing. What does Autumn conjure up for you? Is it particular foods, or memories; the changing landscape or seasonal events? Use your imagination and senses to write a poem or short story and send to us at justandwhitehill@yahoo.com
Remember to use the 'show don't tell' principle of creative writing. Don't know what that means? Search our archives for the article on this subject. We will publish some of the entries on this site.

Write your paralympic news

With the world preparing for the opening ceremony, followed by the Paralympic Games, why not write your own news story? You can take any angle you wish; a personal view of the Games; your own story of visiting the Games; the stories as they unfold in your own words. We will publish the best on this site. Read on for RULES:



We would like to develop a database of news and views from disabled people to publish on this site. Are you affected by cuts to social care? Do you have a news story that promotes a positive image of disabled people? Do you work with disabled people and can support them to share their news? Contact us with your news at justandwhitehill@yahoo.com We will publish a selection of the features sent. Thank you ...