21st Dec 2014

Fire your creativity

Whatever fires your creativity, whether it be the seasons, politics, emotions, use creative writing to express yourself.

Were you angered by the recent comments from Lord Freud about disabled people and work? Use that anger to fuel your writing skills.

Speaking up about bullying

Self Advocacy in Action is a 'user led' group of people with learning difficulties/ disabilities. They run self advocacy groups in Leicester, Leicestershire and South Derbyshire. This year, one of the groups decided to raise awareness of bullying by writing poems on the subject. more...

FREE access to Disability Writes

Do you live in Leicester or Leicestershire?

Are you a disabled person? (we include people with physical and sensory impairments, with experience of mental ill health, people with learning difficulties/ disabilities and people with long term health problems)

Would you like to learn and develop creative writing skills online?

We have received a small grant through LLR Community Foundation; this means we can offer the service FREE to some people who meet the above criteria.

We still have a few places left. Don't miss out; contact us.


Did you know?

Disability Writes set up in 2004 with the aim of supporting disabled writers to learn and develop creative writing skills?

We were originally funded by Arts Council England.

Disabled people, including people with physical and sensory impairments, learning difficulties/disabilities, experience of mental ill health and long term ill health, are now able to use Personal Budgets (through their Local Authority) to access the site and use the services.

It costs less than 10 a week to subscribe. For this you receive feedback on your creative writing, have your own private writing area, have the chance for information and tips and to be published on the site.

Disability Writes is run by Just Services Limited, a small cooperative based in Leicester.

We have supported disabled writers both in the UK and across the world! Some have now gone on to be published writers, set up their own business and gain confidence in their creative writing skills.

Be Inspired

What inspires you? Is it watching para athletes in the Commonwealth Games, the 100 year anniversary of the First World War, or something close to home? Whatever your inspiration, use it to develop your writing. Sometimes, the best thing is to just get started; don't worry too much about the end result - get going and write. You may write a lot that you never use but you can get a lot of satisfaction in the process and begin to develop your skills as a writer.


The seasons provide great inspiration for creative writing. What does Autumn conjure up for you? Is it particular foods, or memories; the changing landscape or seasonal events? Use your imagination and senses to write a poem or short story and send to us at justandwhitehill@yahoo.com
Remember to use the 'show don't tell' principle of creative writing. Don't know what that means? Search our archives for the article on this subject. We will publish some of the entries on this site.